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Author Topic:   Living with Cancer (from Cancer Survivors)
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05-10-2014 3:18 PM
Reply to: Message 47 by nwr
02-13-2014 10:53 PM

Re: update
Ok, first, I apologize for not keeping old friends updated.
As nwr noticed I had some not so good news in December. My CEA (cancer marker) was going up even though my scan was clean. They redid the bloodwork in January and did a PET scan. CEA was still going up and PET showed some suspicious spots in my lungs though only one was showing uptake.
My doctor, proactively, sent me to Mayo Clinic for second opinion and discussion of possible surgery. First I want to say, MAYO is incredible. The scheduling logistics alone should be a nightmare but they get everyone where they need to go when they need to be there, and they do it without making you feel like a number. I would highly recommend it if it didn't conflict with something I recommend higher... NOT getting cancer.
Saw a medical oncologist and a thoracic surgeon. They did more blood work and did a dedicated CT scan. CEA still rising and they found 8 small spots spread randomly throughout both sides of my lungs.
Surgeon seemed confident that they could wedge out all the cancer but they wanted me return home and start a new chemo cocktail first. This is SOP unless the tumors themselves are currently life threatening. This gives the doctors reassurance that the chemo is actually working on your tumors.
I came home and immediately started chemo again. The plan was to have 4 sessions then another CT scan then contact Mayo. My CEA has been steadily dropping and the new CT showed no growth. I was hoping for some shrinkage but I'll take stable. Now I'm just waiting to hear back from Mayo concerning surgery.
That's where I currently stand. This chemo is a slightly different cocktail and it is hitting me differently. I am off work again on short-term disability and should start long-term the end of May. Really missing work and hoping I get back soon.
I really plan on getting back here again for discussion and camaraderie. Happy to see that I'm not forgotten. Also, VERY happy to see RAZD still hanging around. Love ya.
For those of you on Facebook, feel free to send friend requests, just please send a private message also letting me know which nutcase you are .
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Feel free to ask questions if something I've written doesn't make sense, or if you just have questions.
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05-10-2014 4:10 PM
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05-10-2014 4:02 PM

Re: ♥♥♥
Not sure I want to avoid surgery. "They" say that surgery is the only true cure. Chemo is just mop-up. One good thing, I've been told by those in the know that thoracic surgery is better than abdominal and I survived that .
I thought robotic also but surgeon said he likes to actually feel through the lung tissue as he can sometimes find something that hasn't even shown up on scans yet. Gentleman I talked to at chemo not long ago had the same surgery at Mayo but with a different surgeon. He did it the same way.
At the time I was talking to surgeon he figured opening up my left side ( on the side) and possibly doing laproscopic on right side but I think he was thinking there would be some shrinkage on right side.
So glad to hear you are still dancing with NED and I will keep all pertinent appendages crossed for your continued health.
This is chemo week and I'm not feeling the best but now it's time to take puppy to the dog park.

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