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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Solar flares affect radiometric decay rates?
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09-05-2012 1:00 AM

Thread Copied from Creation/Evolution In The News Forum
Thread copied here from the Solar flares effect radiometric decay rates? thread in the Creation/Evolution In The News forum.

Posts: 3973
Joined: 09-26-2002

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10-30-2013 11:19 PM
Reply to: Message 19 by NoNukes
10-30-2013 10:52 PM

Administrative Note
The theme of this topic had become a major off-topic diversion at the "Which animals would populate the earth if the ark was real?" topic. I closed the "Which" topic a bit earlier, and suggested that that discussion go to this topic.
Anyway, much good discussion relating to this topics theme can be found at the end portion of the "Which" topic, which ended (unless Admin reopens it ) here.
Please link back to the appropriate message(s) of the "Which" topic, if you are replying to content there.
ps - Replying to NoNukes message as it is the rebirth of this topic.

Or something like that.

This message is a reply to:
 Message 19 by NoNukes, posted 10-30-2013 10:52 PM NoNukes has not replied

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