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Author Topic:   Does ID predict genetic similarity?
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08-14-2012 2:18 AM
Reply to: Message 26 by PaulK
08-14-2012 1:38 AM

Michael Behe, old Earth evolutionist and IDist
I would suggest that the vagueness of ID is an intentional feature of the movement. ID was always intended as an alliance of anti-evolutionists,...
Per Kenneth Miller, in "Finding Darwin's God" (I think) - Michael Behe concedes the old Earth and evolution, including humans and the great apes having a common ancestor. Unfortunately, I didn't seem to put that in that topic.
I find Behe to be the intelligent design variety of a theistic evolutionist. I also find Behe to being the strongest supporter of ID, and that's not very strong.
Members may also wish to look over the Theistic Evolution vs. Intelligent Design topic.
Also, there is the Behe on organismal evolution topic.
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