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Author Topic:   Does ID predict genetic similarity?
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08-16-2012 1:41 AM
Reply to: Message 54 by GDR
08-16-2012 12:39 AM

Who designed the designer?
Human experience has been that it requires principles for us to design something. As it is all we know, then we would expect that if we are the product of intelligent design there would be principles. That isn't to say that there couldn't be another way that we would be unaware of.
So that's it? That's the designer of the universe? Something that shares our basic and almost primitive thought processes in designing?
That's a very limited desinger, and, as it is all we know, certainly not one capable of designing a fully functional universe, or if true, a multiverse.
It is my belief that seeing as how there are principles and order, and that out of that has come intelligent life that it is more plausible that we have come from an intelligent first cause than not.
I don't see how it makes sense to postulate a complex, intelligent entity popping up out of nowwhere and creating everything just because you see order and principles in nature.
It also doesn't dismiss you from having to explain how this complex and intelligent first causing designer came to be.
- Oni

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