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Author Topic:   Is there a life energy?
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04-10-2012 8:24 AM
Reply to: Message 30 by Taq
03-29-2012 11:49 AM

Topic Synopsis thus far
crazydiamond7 writes:
Life energy and existence never had a beginning;
Are you suggesting that life began with God, and that given that God had no beginning, neither did life? I shall only bring up two sub topics for consideration:
1) Cause and Effect.
2) Source and Content.(One of jars favorites)
I have many questions but as of yet no hypothetical or believable answers. Stay tuned>
By the way, Dwise1 has a Excellent Post in message 4. (its hard to know whether one is on topic or off topic when answering Crazy Diamond 7 ) It could very well be that the source of life is eternal, whereas the content of life is very much under our control and responsibility.
Crazy Diamond 7, bringing up a quote writes:
'there is only one constant; the only real force: Causality; Action, reaction; cause and effect. Choice is an illusion, created between those with power and those without. Causality. There is no escape from it. We are forever slaves to it.'
Which I would add as a sub question to the idea of cause and effect. If the cause of humanity (logical, rational, reasonable) beings was from an eternal Source, would that still not lead to a discussion of the content, or effect of humanity currently and potentially eternally? In other words, yes the energy is perhaps causal and yes, we are slaves to "it" or Him or Her.
dwise, responding to Crazy Diamond7 writes:
Life Force does exist. Many of us, including Steven Segal (who is the first foreigner to operate an Aikido dojo in Japan), are intimately familiar with that. What you are talking about is completely different.
Hence one reason I am in question mode rather than answer mode.
dwise1 writes:
As for my overall philosophy ... . I do not rule out the supernatural arbitrarily. I do rule out our ability to deal with the supernatural. So the supernatural could exist, but we cannot really say anything definitive about the supernatural. Even if some supernatural entity were to exist, I do not allow that any of our fallible human ramblings could truly describe such a supernatural entity's desires and intentions.
For many, GOD is unknowable. Some claim that He is knowable, but fail at any proof beyond Biblical Truth. (which is a belief rather than a proof.) Thus, even if we believe in a source, we are still at odds with the content. One might say that we need to believe in ourselves, as a continuation of that source.
WoundedKing writes:
I don't know if you have just chosen to make up totally new terms for things that actually do exist or are just making things up off the top of your head. Either way, what you are writing is nonsense scientifically.
One of the hallmarks of Creationism versus Evolution is belief versus knowledge. Science is always about verifiable hypothetical and testable proposals. Belief is usually about a desired outcome (or content) which is then pushed onto the rest of the humans.
WoundedKing writes:
There is energy in living things and it is in 2 forms, chemical and electrical energy.
Now we know! And we can't very well ignore reality as we test it, can we?
CD7 writes:
The point being defined is not how nerve impulses are caused. Nerve impulse is just a consequence of the presence of life.
In other words, life energy is more than the natural property of being alive.
Aside from the question of the origin of life, this route takes us quite naturally back to the question of the origin of the universe itself. Are we looking for answers or are we looking for more questions?
CD7 writes:
The fruits of a tree were made to be an extension of what is living. However, if you eat any variety of grain or the seed of any fruit then you will be destroying that seed rather than eating solely what is living.
My question is this: If there are some things we should do, who is the source telling us such wisdom? Furthermore, if we humans are extensions(through eternal life energy) of this source, what makes us think that we all don't have innate wisdom to eat the right things?
various members challenging CD7 writes:
Actually, it appears that a Panda does not like jibberish and woo. Stringing words together is not communication.
I would argue that the point of this topic is one of the following:
1) Asserting an answer, secure in the fact that one has it.
2) Asking more questions and stimulating dialogue towards forming a communal abstract concerning the source of knowledge and wisdom ...asking, perhaps, if the source is eternal, whether it is apart from humanity or in eternal communion with humanity, and the overall point of the abstraction. I speak English well, but can jabberwock with the best of them!
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