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Author Topic:   Evolution/design of human teeth
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07-17-2012 5:29 AM
Reply to: Message 40 by Trixie
01-07-2012 9:53 PM

Re: "Good creationist points" and other catechisms
Has anyone read that book, "Catching Fire" about how learning to cook changed mankind? It says that we don't have the teeth or digestive system for eating raw vegetables only, nor do we have the teeth and jaws of a carnivore. I opur problem that we like a too soft diet?
I liked the post about eating a coarser diet leading to no cavities but there is another point. I lived for three years in the rift valley, where humans are said to have evolved. The water there is 10 ppm of fluoride and higher. My older 3 kids were young then (their adult teeth were forming) and even now have almost no cavities. If we evolved to drink water with 10 ppm of Fluoride and then, reletively recently moved to areas with no fluoride, we would have teeth problems

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