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Author Topic:   "If I descended from an ape, how come apes are still here?"
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02-14-2012 9:48 AM
Reply to: Message 113 by amp1022
02-07-2012 8:30 PM

Before you read this, please note that I missed the dates before I answered so this is a few days late but I still feel the need to post it.
I have to jump on the bandwagon on this one...
Really? Wow! I had no idea that creationists had waved the white flag
I wish. Then there would be no more people spinning lies to the uneducated about at least this one thing. Hallelujah!
Well thanks for letting me know that THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION (as you put it) is a proven FACT... the theory is a fact. Got it
If we can call any theory a fact, evolution would be one. It has withstood 150 years of rigorous testing over a wide range of disciplines, has demonstrated predictive ability and continues to be supported by new evidence.
Of course, if anyone had real evidence to disprove it, they would be winning the nobel prize. Guaranteed. We keep hearing about all of this evidence but nobody ever sees it. I came to this forum to see what the creationists had to offer other than ICR and CMI webvomit and so far haven't seen jack shit. Don't whine about it, prove it.
And even the worlds leading religions have given up on the idea of divine creation being the reason for the diversity of species? Incredible! Congratulations on your victory! Oh by the way if you could reference a few of those records showing that the theory of evolution has been accepted as strictly fact by our overwhelmingly christian nation, that would be nothing short of a miracle since there are no such records.
Here's what I mean by backing it up...
Charts on wiki - stats by religion (in the US) and also by country
Not to mention actual scientific opinion
Although the US is statistically more ignorant on this topic than almost the whole developed world, the creationists are still a minority.
I just thought it was a cruel thing to do.
A cruel thing to do? You've got to be kidding. This is one of the most retarded things I have ever read.
How is it cruel to teach someone something that they express a wish to learn more about? What, exactly has she lost by learning about our understanding of the world? Do you suggest that willful ignorance is what the world needs? This was not an attack on her faith. She didn't need the crutch of YEC fables for her faith, so it just isn't relevant.
Spreading ignorance and lies is all that I've seen creationists do. Trust me, I've looked hard for any shred of evidence that this is not so but I haven't found it. If being taught the truth about our understanding of the world is cruelty, then I live in hope that I never see another drop of kindness as long as I live.
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