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Author Topic:   If ID is taught in public schools, Dependent Origination must also be
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07-13-2011 3:00 PM
Reply to: Message 8 by Robert Byers
07-13-2011 4:20 AM

Its about the right of the people acting through the legislature to demand that what they see as true or a option for truth on common and important ideas be given time or equal time.
The government does not have the right to violate the rights of the people as defined in the Constitution. It has been ruled, several times, that public schools can not teach religious belief as science in the science classroom. It doesn't matter how important people may feel. It is a violation of constitutional rights to force religious teachings onto children in the guise of science at public schools that are funded with public tax dollars.
At the same time, no one is stopping people from expressing their support of creationism outside of public schools. No one is stopping preachers from pushing creationism during Sunday School or as part of a sermon. No one is stopping creationists from publishing books that support creationism.
Creationism is founded on historic and popular and presently popular ideas on God or Genesis being the truth of origins.
Creationism is well done and famous.
Creationism is founded on religious belief. It is not science. Therefore, it is not appropriate for science class in public schools. However, it would be appropriate in a Comparitive Religions course if one were offered in a public school. Would you be in support of this idea?

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07-15-2011 11:56 AM
Reply to: Message 13 by Robert Byers
07-15-2011 1:28 AM

Creationism is founded on the intelligence of people now and in the past that the bible and natural evidence support our ideas.
Then creationists should be presenting this evidence to scientists in the arena of science. They aren't. Until this happens then creationism can not be considered scientific, and that only leaves its religious underpinnings.
to deny creationism is to deny religion as true by your reasoning.
No one is denying creationism. What we are saying is that creationism is not scientific, and is therefore inappropriate for a public school science class. Creationism would fit in nicely in a World Religions course if one were offered.
Where origins are taught should the truth be taught.
We aren't talking about origins class. We are talking about science class.
censorship either means the truth can't be taught of the side censored is wrong.
The government is necessarily censored in what it can say. Teachers in public schools are not allowed to endorse a political candidate as part of their teaching duties, as another example. We, as a nation, have decided that people in the pay of the government should respect the citizen's religious and political freedoms by staying out of the discussion.
If you want to claim that creationism is truth then that's fine. Have at it. It is not the business of the government to decide which religious views are true and which are not. What I will argue against is that creationism is science, which it isn't.

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 Message 13 by Robert Byers, posted 07-15-2011 1:28 AM Robert Byers has not replied

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