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Author Topic:   Ray Comfort on The Atheist Experience
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10-15-2019 8:42 PM
Reply to: Message 42 by Phat
10-15-2019 3:27 PM

Re: Source vs Content
This supports your argument that Heaven will hypothetically be filled with more diverse people than simply those who claim to be Christians and children of the Source.
Reminds me of an old joke. Or haggadah (in the general sense taught to us by Rabbi Kalir, teaching Torah through an illustrative story instead of pure analysis (which I remember as being called khalakhah -- in my notes, I wrote it in Hebrew so I have no idea how it's transliterated into Roman script)).
St. Peter greets the latest batch of new arrivals at the Pearly Gates and guides them through their orientation tour of Heaven. Taking them to their rooms in the "house of many mansions" St. Peter explains that it has a separate floor for each religion while they get into the elevator to their own floor. On the way up, they chat and ask St. Peter questions when suddenly St. Peter cautions them to remain silent when passing through the next floor. After passing that floor, conversation picks up again and somebody asks why they had to be quiet for that floor. "Oh, that's the floor for the {insert name of extreme fundamentalist sect}s. They think that they're the only ones here."
Similarly, in a religious sci-fi novel, it turns out that in all of human history only four humans had ever gone to Heaven while everybody else went to Hell. It turns out to qualify for going to Hell, there has to be a religious group that condemns you to go there. Since every religious group condemns all others ... .

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