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Author Topic:   Is Japan being punished by God??
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04-12-2011 1:02 PM
Reply to: Message 63 by GDR
04-11-2011 11:26 AM

GDR writes:
The question should not be about how do I get to heaven because if it is then we turned the whole focus back on ourselves. The question should be is this a god that represents the truth, and is it a god that I want to serve.
That's logical! I suppose that if a person didn't want to serve God, it wouldn't be fair to torture them(or let them torture themselves!)
GDR writes:
The problem was that those entrusted with taking Gods message to the world kept messing up in pretty much the same way we see today. Instead of following God's message of unselfish sacrificial love they, (and now we), worship such gods as wealth, power and pride.
Which means that even if original sin was a farce, human tendency to take the easy route supersedes our tendency to be like Christ. I can relate, since its much easier to worry about my paycheck and retirement than it is to be a homeless man spreading a message of love and generosity.
GDR writes:
A god that would try and control us through a book is not a god of free will. I also contend that isn't the God of the Bible. It isn't easy. For example: what is the right thing to do about Libya. There were and are people there that are being slaughtered. We in the west have the power to do something but what is the right thing? There is no easy answer.
And no, God isn't punishing Japan, IMHO. God doesn't manipulate Geology or nature. (or humans) Do we in the West have enough "power" (money, resources) to continue helping or shaping the world the way we want it to be, or will this whole thing backfire someday? Personally I think we should be making more friends than enemies.

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