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Author Topic:   how to quote a message?
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Message 15 of 48 (600623)
01-15-2011 5:57 PM
Reply to: Message 7 by Admin
01-15-2011 11:13 AM

Re: Abuse Remedy
Admin writes:
I'm sure Adminnemooseus will disable it again at the first abuse he sees.
Perhaps the remedy would be warning/s followed by ever increased suspensions for repeat abusers as is the case with other violators of board policy. That way the baby wouldn't be thrown out with the bath water, so to speak.

The Immeasurable Present Eternally Extends the Infinite Past And Infinitely Consumes The Eternal Future.
Time Relates To What Is Temperal. What Is Eternal Is Timeless.

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Message 17 of 48 (600639)
01-15-2011 10:00 PM
Reply to: Message 16 by Adminnemooseus
01-15-2011 6:11 PM

Re: I'm just a poor used to be a Director
Minnemooseus writes:
.......people would do edits of the quoted and not get the coding correct.
How does that happen?

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