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Author Topic:   Something BIG is coming! (AIG trying to build full sized ark)
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07-09-2012 12:55 AM
Reply to: Message 254 by Dr Adequate
07-06-2012 1:37 AM

Re: Not going to happen, and it won't work if they actually do try
I would think that they could pluck all the required beams out of their own eyes.

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 Message 254 by Dr Adequate, posted 07-06-2012 1:37 AM Dr Adequate has not replied

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07-09-2012 9:59 AM
Reply to: Message 254 by Dr Adequate
07-06-2012 1:37 AM

$5000 beam! What a bargain!
For $5000 you can sponsor a beam. You get a certificate and everything,
I think you missed the part about the donation being tax deductible. So if you are in the 25% tax bracket, the beam actually only costs $3750! But wait! There's more!!! You get an Ark Model Replica - a $75 value. But that's not all! Ken Ham will personally autograph your Ark Model Replica. I am thinking of buying 4 or 5 beams and giving the Ark Model Replica to my friends as Christmas presents!!
But unfortunately ...
It has been unable to raise sufficient amounts of money, despite pleas to the Creation Museum’s visitors to donate to the project.
Maybe they should put a roller coaster in that thing! And have aliens and all kinds of freak animals (like unicorns, bigfoots, Nessy, etc...) in the cages. That might generate some interest!
The sad thing is they have raised $22.6 million so far, but still need $20 million more before they can even break ground. The question is ... what happens to all the money that these suckers err... people donated already? Do they give it back. Or just make a half scale replica? What a disgrace!

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 Message 254 by Dr Adequate, posted 07-06-2012 1:37 AM Dr Adequate has not replied

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07-09-2012 12:38 PM

I guess I don't want to offend people but if I'm completely honest it's just so bizarre to see grown people take this seriously. It's no different than having a Jack and the Beanstalk theme park for people who take the story seriously.

Dr Adequate
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02-05-2014 6:57 PM

I posted this on the other Ark thread, but on reflection it belongs here.
We'll find out tomorrow if the whole project is going to collapse.
Story here.
A Northern Kentucky theme park to be built around a full-scale replica of Noah’s Ark may sink unless investors purchase about $29 million in unrated municipal bonds by Feb. 6.
In December, the city of Williamstown issued taxable debt for affiliates of the Christian nonprofit Answers in Genesis, data compiled by Bloomberg show.
Even though $26.5 million of securities have been sold, the project needs to sell at least $55 million in total to avoid triggering a redemption of all the bonds ...
This could be a bad week for Ken Ham.

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01-14-2018 8:47 AM

ARK PARK FAILURE -- Ken Ham blames atheists ...
I thought of starting a new thread, but then figured it would go here better.
This is old news but it came around again on the Facebook way-back machine ...
Creationist Ken Ham Blames Atheists For Ark Park Failure
A bitter Ken Ham blames atheists and the secular media for the perceived financial failure of his Ark Park.
In a recent blog post to his Answers in Genesis website, leading creationist Ken Ham laments the supposed power of atheists and the secularist media, complaining that they are damaging the reputation of his Ark Encounter, and the economy of the surrounding local businesses, writing:
Recently, a number of articles in the mainstream media, on blogs, and on well-known secularist group websites have attempted to spread propaganda to brainwash the public into thinking our Ark Encounter attraction is a dismal failure.
Sadly, they (atheists and the secular media) are influencing business investors and others in such a negative way that they may prevent Grant County, Kentucky, from achieving the economic recovery that its officials and residents have been seeking.
In other words, Ken Ham blames atheists for his trouble. Ham is refusing to take responsibility for his own failure, and refusing to take responsibility for his broken promises to the citizens and business community of Grant County, Kentucky.
Ham is desperate to counter the narrative that his Ark Encounter and Creation Museum are not delivering on the promises he made. He is particularly upset with a recent article from The Lexington Herald Leader that explores Ham’s failure to deliver on financial promises made to community members and local businesses.
Commenting on the agreements the Ark Encounter made with the county and city, and the broken promises made by Ham and his people after being given extremely generous tax breaks, Grant County Judge-Executive Steve Wood opined:
It’s a really bad deal for taxpayers. It was a shock for me because I didn’t really know all the details. Maybe I should have.
Bottom line: Ham is a sad monkey. His Ark Encounter and Creation Museum are not performing as well as he had hoped they would, and now he is refusing to take responsibility for his own failure, and instead blaming atheists and the secular media.
Con-man Ken Ham has to blame someone ... looks like he isn't the Pied Piper he thought he was.
What will Grant County do when the park closes?
God Responds is brutally honest.
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06-11-2018 7:20 PM

Kentucky’s government-subsidized Creationist ‘Ark Encounter’ theme park appears almost empty
Despite costing $100 million and taking tax credits from a nearby town, the Noah’s Ark-themed Ark Encounter attraction in Kentucky appeared empty during peak tourist season in a visitor’s video.
Hemant Mehta at The Friendly Atheist reported Monday that a video posted by drone-owning YouTuber Ken Heron shows the nearly-deserted Christian theme park. It was recorded on Sunday, June 3, a time that Mehta noted should be a day of peak attendance".

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