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Author Topic:   Opening the doors to creationism in British Schools?
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06-08-2011 3:46 AM
Reply to: Message 29 by Robert Byers
06-08-2011 12:51 AM

Robert Byers writes:
History class is mostly about conclusions from history and very little about methodology.
Science class likewise is mostly about conclusions. Just some more methodology.
Science class therefore is not about science largely. Fine but conclusions , for origins, are the problem here. creationists say the conclusions are not any more scientific then creationisms and they are wrong.
So equal time in conclusion class..
Origin issues are not science ones to use the word science as a high standard of investigation.
origin issues being about past and gone events are not flexible for investigation of a high standard with boundarys.
I don't know if history is taught substantially differently in Canada, but when I was studying history in school it was very much about methodology, with the proportion of methodology increasing the longer you continued with the subject. If you stuck with the subject past the age of 14, it became all about sources and how to interpret them - the specific historical subjects you stuck with were treated as kind of a case study in the historical method.

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