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Author Topic:   Opening the doors to creationism in British Schools?
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06-30-2011 8:49 PM
Reply to: Message 62 by Modulous
06-28-2011 9:30 AM

The power of doubt
Modulous writes:
In my system, it is the mathematicians among the people that decide what mathematics to teach the next generation, the biologists decide what biology to teach the next generation and so on. It isn't perfect, but it avoids the popular misconception problem and it arms the next generation with the knowledge of the former generation so that they may use that as a basis upon which to learn truly original information about the world for themselves.
I think creationists greatly fear an essential piece of the process you describe: the aggressively questioning nature of young minds once they have been encouraged. Every year the past findings of science are pushed hard by young doubters.
Creationists seems to consider all educational processes as mind-washing or propaganda: yet they object to science classes free of religion precisely because science teaches the rigor of doubt in the service of knowledge. The inter-generational urge to find flaws in what has gone before constantly disciplines and challenges science. What could be grander than to correct Einstein or Hawking?
Religion, by contrast, depends on an unquestioning reverence for prior texts and authorities. This is so transparently the case that surely no further argument is required. It is true that some religions speak of the need or even virtue of questioning one's faith, but in the event this amounts to asking the expected questions and accepting the ancient answers. Doubt in religious practice is reduced to a dusty and sterile FAQ.
Creationists cannot be content with religious instruction at home or in the church because the demonstrable power of science and technology threatens the foundations of their beliefs--not by confrontation, or even by implication, but simply as an exemplar of the productive power of doubt. Young minds encouraged in the classroom to question beliefs that are without foundation will question beliefs without foundation everywhere.
Creationists know that creationism is not science. They want creationism taught in the science classroom because doubt is the mother of science, and doubt is their nemesis, one they hope to poison with a contaminant of certainty.
Even when they raise a child from the cradle to accept unquestionably, even when they protect their beliefs in churches and communities, as long as those children have an opportunity to discover the productive doubt, creationists fear the outcome.
Ironically, it is not the "propaganda of science" they claim to challenge that concerns them; it is science's stand on the firm ground of doubt.

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