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Author Topic:   Opening the doors to creationism in British Schools?
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06-30-2011 4:50 PM
Reply to: Message 37 by Robert Byers
06-10-2011 4:53 AM

Byers writes:
Science is not just a word for inventions.
Actually inventions are not Science, that is technology, which involves the application of scientific principles.
Byers writes:
I don't accept there is a different species of investigation called science. Everything is just people thinking.
Well that is your problem isn't it? Saying it does not make it so.
Science is not "just people thinking", it is a specific method of thinking and experimentation.
Byers writes:
Origin issues are not open to a high standard of investigation because they are about unobservable or repeatable events and processes. Ideas can be floated but thats it.
It depends what you mean by "origin issues". Experiments can indeed be done and are being done to test hypothesis about origins of some of the basic building blocks of life, the formation of "primitive" life forms, as well as how existing life forms can change. This is not just "floating ideas". Again, you are confused about the scientific method.
Byers writes:
Equal time or nobody in SCIENCE class.
No - Science is about discovery of knowledge, it is not about airing everyone's beliefs. That would be Comparative Religions class.

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 Message 37 by Robert Byers, posted 06-10-2011 4:53 AM Robert Byers has not replied

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