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Author Topic:   Homeschooling
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03-13-2010 2:39 PM
Reply to: Message 22 by Huntard
03-12-2010 9:30 AM

Hi Huntard,
Could anyone enlighten me as to why it's gone so wrong with your public school system?
You've received a bunch of PC responses to why the public school system is failing, everyone is beating around the bush and not being straight forward with you. Using choice terminologies to kinda give you an idea.
But here it is, sans the PC crap:
There are 3 types of public schools in the US, with the occasional 4th type. These are: predominantly white PS, predominantly hispanic PS and predominantly black PS. Sometimes you'll have an evenly mixed school, but that's very rare.
Then there is private schools, which are mostly white or, like where my daughters go to school, very well off hispanic kids in Miami, Coral Gables to be exact (if you're familiar?). But this again is very rare to have a predominantly hispanic private school, and only a few choice cities have this.
There are NO (that I'm aware of) predominantly black private schools.
Here's how it breaks down (in most cases):
The white PS will score a lot better than the hispanic PS. But the hispanic PS will score better than the black PS. However, the ENTIRE public school system is graded as a whole. So failing hispanic schools and black schools bring down the overall test scores.
Where as with private schools, since they are for the most part predominantly white, score better than the entire public school system, by a shit load!
Also, most homeschooled kids are white, for obvious reasons. Thus the test scores are going to be better.
Why do American public schools kinda suck ass, as you asked? Because hispanic kids and black kids (due to many social reasons) do not have the same learning capacity and test scores as their white counter-part.
- Oni

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03-13-2010 3:26 PM
Reply to: Message 43 by Hyroglyphx
03-13-2010 2:56 PM

Re: Culture is why
Wonders if your daughter goes to the same school as my niece and nephew??? I think it's called St. Christopher, directly adjacent from UM, by the soccer fields and tennis courts. Saint something, anyhow.
Now knowing me, do you think my kids would go to a "Saint" something?
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What does that mean as a result? They get less or more allocated funds?
There are no funds - less or more don't play a factor in this. They get enough to survive, no matter what the government says they're doing. The reality is in the field, at the schools.
I have lots of teacher friends who work in poor schools in Hialeah, Liberty City, Homestead, etc., who have told me that for most, if not all projects, the teachers fund it out of their own pocket.
Markers, crayons, color paper, or whetever the extra thing the kid may need, they (the teachers) usually buy it. These kid's parents, for the most part, don't have the money to buy it. If you are a concerned teacher, rather than one just doing a job, you'll want these kids to get educated and will make an effort to help the best you can. Even if that means coming up with cash out of you own pocket. Its sucks that that is the case.
But that wouldn't explain why schools like Columbus and Belen have high test scores.
Well private schools score better anyway, so I don't think they score any greater than the normal private school. Some are predominantly hispanic private schools, but like I said, these are in choice cities.
What?!?! Of course they do. There are cultural reasons why black and hispanic students don't fair as well academically as white students. Or is that what you mean?
Yeah that's what I mean. I said for "many social reasons," or if you like "cultural reasons" instead, I'm cool with that.
It has nothing to do wit the race itself, if that's what you thought. C'mon on hispanic myself, why would I insult me? Lol
Asians are not genetically more intelligent than anyone. Their culture simply instills a superior work ethic than failing Americans, generally speaking, of course. We're just going by averages and nothing more.
I think they instill more pressure and shame on themselves for failing and try harder than anyone to succeed, if only to not humiliate themselves and their family. Seems like a lot of guilt too. I remember this asian girl in grade school that cried almost hysterically when she received a B instead of an A, and felt horrible about having to tell her parents.
Americans are not that fucking concerned. We are much more independent and we do things for ourselves rather than others. On average.
- Oni
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03-14-2010 12:34 AM
Reply to: Message 47 by Flyer75
03-13-2010 7:25 PM

You are correct and yes, I for one, did give a little bit more of a PC answer then you did, but I was hinting at the same thing by using terms like "inner-city" and "suburban".
I knew you were the moment I read that you were a cop. I have a few cop friends who work in Miami, I get what you experience - if you know what I mean You can't, or are not allowed, to say the truth. Which is that certain races do tend to lend themselves to certain behaviors. I'm hispanic, and I gracefully accept certain traits and behaviors are prone to my race.
Our failing school system here in the "city" vs. right next door's blossoming "suburban" system can be explained by race make up and also economic make up.
This is true for all areas. Economic make up and "place in society" go hand in hand with the environment you live in.
I can only imagine that the school system in your area that is not doing well is predominantly balck or mix (hispanic/black), right?
I feel your pain in that you can't in good conscience send your children there. But we have to remember, if you neglect a certain group within your society, it can, and as you can see, affect you who has no ties to this group. So it benefits us ALL to help each other.
- Oni

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