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Author Topic:   At what point should we look for a non-materialistic explanation?
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12-12-2009 2:26 PM
Reply to: Message 155 by Bolder-dash
12-12-2009 2:19 PM

Re: Irony is certainly ironic, isn't it?
If you are going to refute these individuals based on their extreme faith, ok, but then you also need to discount anything Richard Dawkins and other ardent atheists say as well, for the exact same reasons.
Here, you are oh-so-wrong (not the first time). The difference between someone such as Dawkins, or damn near any atheist for that matter, is that they DO NOT let their beliefs cloud the facts as CMI, or any other such institute, so profoundly does.
I think i read upthread about you likening atheism to a belief system. i.e.: a belief in atheism. You should learn the batting order of the other team before selecting your rotation. (baseball pun, sorry Brits )
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