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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   At what point should we look for a non-materialistic explanation?
Otto Tellick
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12-11-2009 5:27 AM
Reply to: Message 129 by lyx2no
12-07-2009 4:08 PM

Re: Out of the Blue
lyx2no writes:
... more ascetically pleasing crystals...
"Ascetically pleasing"? What a concept! I love it! Kinda like "religiously open-minded" or "faithfully apostate"...
(Of course, the original article was actually talking about "aesthetically pleasing", which is something else semantically, orthographically and even phonetically. It's an amusing accident of language history that "aesthetic" and "ascetic" are nonetheless confusable despite their differences. Your confusion has provided me with an especially delicious oxymoron. Thank you.)
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autotelic adj. (of an entity or event) having within itself the purpose of its existence or happening.

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 Message 129 by lyx2no, posted 12-07-2009 4:08 PM lyx2no has not replied

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