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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   At what point should we look for a non-materialistic explanation?
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11-30-2009 8:44 AM
Reply to: Message 3 by Larni
11-30-2009 8:29 AM

When the Truth no longer matters
Larni writes:
So when should we look for non material explanations?
When we don't know the answer and we are scared.
I agree.
We should look for a non-materialistic explanation as soon as "understanding the truth" is no longer our highest priority.
Factors affecting this are emotions or time-management or other restricting concerns.
Once we turn to non-materialistic explanations, there is no way to confirm if our provided explanation is right, wrong, real, imagined, or even has anything to do with the phenomenon at all. Therefore, "understanding the truth" is an impossibility.

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11-30-2009 10:04 AM
Reply to: Message 8 by Huntard
11-30-2009 9:52 AM

Re: We should look for non-material explanations when....
Huntard writes:
We can measure and test the immaterium reliably. And not before.
Yes, that was my first thought.
But isn't the definition of a "material thing" something that can be measured and tested?
So I thought that once a non-material thing becomes testable and measureable... then it is no longer a non-material thing, and we're still not dealing with considering non-material answers... we're just finding new material things that we didn't know existed before.
But that's just semantics, and I may even be getting them wrong. Anyway, I agree with the sentiment of what you're saying, for sure.

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 Message 8 by Huntard, posted 11-30-2009 9:52 AM Huntard has not replied

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