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Author Topic:   Does Death Pose Challenge To Abiogenesis
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10-31-2009 9:14 AM
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10-31-2009 4:38 AM

Re: Relevant to the Origin of Life
wikipedia writes:
Monera was a biological kingdom of the five-kingdom system of biological classification. It comprised most organisms with a prokaryotic cell organization. For this reason the kingdom was sometimes called Prokaryota or Prokaryotae. Prior to its creation these were treated as two separate divisions of plants: the Schizomycetes (bacteria) were considered fungi, and the Cyanophyta were considered blue-green algae. The latter are now considered a group of bacteria, typically called the cyanobacteria and are now known not to be closely related to plants, fungi, or animals.
Monera is becoming archaeic, Bacteria are now recognized as a Domain with 2 other domains, Archaea & Eukaryota making up all living things.
Ref: The ancestors tail, Richard Dawkins pg 556.
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