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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Does Death Pose Challenge To Abiogenesis
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10-31-2009 1:10 PM
Reply to: Message 144 by Cedre
10-31-2009 8:56 AM

Re: Emergent proerties.....
In the meantime I will object and say that a driver is necessary
No its not necessary for the analogy, an analogy is not an exact representation of reality. Whether the car has a driver, the tires have air, or if the road is icy, it does not detract from the point he (or she) is trying to make. Emergent properties are the point, the analogy is an attempt for you to perhaps understand, but instead you show a misunderstanding of what an analogy is meant to do. Would you care to take a look at the point instead of whether the road in the analogy is gravel or pavement?
they are not single-handedly responsible for life, they make up but one piece of the jigsaw puzzle.
and yet when people have responded to you that the parts necessary are not in place you are unable to show otherwise. Decay starts immediately upon death. Your claim that 'parts' are still intact is incorrect, the heart/brain/etc may be intact but decay has set in on the cellular level and you have not shown otherwise. You cannot show otherwise because its an established and well known fact.
You said "the only way for parts to fade from a corpse is through decay and like the Wikipedia article said decay can take a few days even years" But you somehow continue to miss the point that it can take days or even years for decay to finish the job, the process of decay begins immediately upon death.
It also a well known fact that cold temperatures can extend the time in which a person can be brought back from death. Everyone but you says that this is because decay does not set in as quickly. You however are pressed to explain why warm temperatures make souls leave bodies faster than cold temperatures. So will you now amuse me with some explanation that makes your model of cold souls make sense?
Nonsense you're just trying to duck the need for a driver
Are you trying to duck the definition of 'analogy'?
No your analogy makes no sense to me I don't even think it ties to what we are discussing.
This newest analogy is showing how you are completely missing the point of the previous analogy and instead showing a misunderstanding of the point of an analogy. Since you are a part of the discussion it is quite on target for the analogy to point out a flaw in your method of debate. The point is to show that you just don't get it, and you don't.

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