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Author Topic:   Creationism in the Classroom - Research Project
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10-20-2009 1:07 PM
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10-20-2009 11:22 AM

Re: Survey Questions
1. Define what you think is meant by creationism.
Creationism is a doctrine predicated upon the mythological beginnings of the Universe as well as life as we know it typically as a result of some divine or supernatural action. More specifically, creationism has become synonymous with the Judeo-Christian version of creation.
2. What educational value do you think creationism has to children?
In studying religions, creation stories have educational value in showing the variety of human beliefs and how each religion perceives humanity in relation to the Universe around us. Beyond the study of cultures and mythologies, creationism has little to no educational value.
3. Where do you think creationism should be taught in the curriculum?
Science/RE/both/Not at all.
Creationism should be taught in Religious Education or not at all.
4. How should the topic of creationism be approached?
As fact/ as a theory/ as a religious belief/ as a story/ alongside scientic theories/ as an alternative to scientific theories.
Creationism should not be taught as fact or truth, theory, nor treated in any way as scientific, but as part of the religion. Creationism should be taught as a religious story that isn't all-important to the core of a belief, but is still an aspect of that belief.

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