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Author Topic:   That boat don't float
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Message 375 of 453 (645298)
12-25-2011 6:58 AM
Reply to: Message 374 by Butterflytyrant
12-25-2011 1:49 AM

No animals without nostrils so no sea creatures (and stop asking about those whale blow holes). All bugs are "of the same kind". All reptiles are of the same kind. No dinosaurs, unicorns, or orcs. There are a few kinds of birds, but not too many. A few extra of the clean animals for eating purposes.
How am I doing?
I've got green alligators and long-necked geese
Some humpty backed camels and some chimpanzees
Some cats and rats and elephants, but Lord, I'm so forlorn
I just can't find no unicorns.
And Noah looked out through the driving rain
Them unicorns were hiding, playing silly games
Kicking and splashing while the rain was falling
Oh, them silly unicorns.
Edited by NoNukes, : Should have tested that emoticon...

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 Message 374 by Butterflytyrant, posted 12-25-2011 1:49 AM Butterflytyrant has not replied

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