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Author Topic:   Why are there no human apes alive today?
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06-19-2009 4:29 PM
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06-19-2009 2:36 PM

Re: Missing links?
Ok Homo ergaster is new to me. Why do they have so complicated names anyway ?
Those names are not the least bit complicated ... if you know any Latin. Now if you want complicated, then you have English. In Moscow on the Hudson, Russian defector Robin Williams made a comment to another immigrant about his mouth hurting after speaking English all day, exactly the same thing that a friend from Yugoslavia had told me a decade earlier.
That name is part of Linnaean taxonomy, the system that scientists have used for over two centuries. Every single person alive who has ever actually studied biology or paleontology knows of the existence and use of the Linnaean system and is to some degree familiar with it. It's boggling my mind that you don't.
Now that you have finally been informed of the existence of Linnaean taxonomy, you really need to learn more about it. The Wikipedia page, at No webpage found at provided URL: , would be one place to start. From that page (my emphasis):
A strength of Linnaean taxonomy is that it can be used to organize the different kinds of living organisms, simply and practically. Every species can be given a unique (and hopefully stable) name, as compared with common names that are often neither unique nor consistent from place to place and language to language. This uniqueness and stability are, of course, a result of the acceptance by working systematists (biologists specializing in taxonomy); not merely of the binomial names themselves, but of the rules governing the use of these names; rules that are laid down in formal Nomenclature Codes.
Sometime around 1990, I heard the Governor of Mississippi on national radio justifying his emphasis on education reform. From memory:
We've already tried ignorance, so we know that doesn't work.
The sooner you learn that ignorance doesn't work, the sooner you can start to learn.
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