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Author Topic:   The race issue
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12-27-2008 6:50 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by IceNorfulk
02-19-2008 1:18 PM

Intelligent Design Programmer
IceNorfulk writes:
How can it be justified in any way other than evolution that every race on earth has the genetic marker of the Bushmen, but not the genetic markers of each other? How did the various races arise in less then 6,000 years, if the Bible is true?
There seems to be absolutely no logical explanation in the Bible in terms of explaining away the racial differences. The pre adamite theories have no leg to stand on whatsoever (because such people would have perished in the flood), so I won't go into them.
For the Biblical creation fundamentalist the only explanation is that Goddidit.
The gene intelligent designer/creator of the DNA, like the computer programmer, supposedly programmed new data into the DNA of the world population concentrated in the region of Babel.
The only argument we have is the corroborating evidence of what is verifiable supportive to the Biblical record relative to other topics.
This message is not intended as debate but simply as comment. Perhaps the time will come when archeology will unearth supportive evidence to this event. Perhaps not.

The immeasurable present eternally extends the infinite past and infinitely consumes the eternal future.

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