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Author Topic:   Humans only use approximately 10% of their brain?
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10-11-2008 2:46 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by timothy223
10-10-2008 8:27 PM

I have heard it from science magazines, newspapers and various people that the average human only use approximately 10% of their brain.
The second and third sources you list I could understand, but science magazines? Could you please share with us just which "science magazines" you had read that?
OK, Omni I could understand. Is that thing still around?
Yes, it's false. It's a false factoid, an urban legend. And whenever you encounter an urban legend (often in the form of those chain emails certain friends and family members keep sending to everybody), you need to check it out. The first place many of us go to is snopes.com -- whenever my mother-in-law would forward one, it was a race between me and her son and daughter to get to snopes.com first.
The applicable article is at Do We Only Use 10% of our Brains? | Snopes.com.
Now, if that instead said (and that is probably what the originator meant) that we only use a fraction of our potential mental abilities, then that would make sense. But we still need all our wet-ware.

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