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Author Topic:   Humans only use approximately 10% of their brain?
Robert Byers
Member (Idle past 3800 days)
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From: Toronto,canada
Joined: 02-06-2004

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09-20-2011 3:31 AM

I long ago heard this too and thought it stupid.
It couldn't be still generally a opinion because greatly I read always them going on about ethnic/race/sex intelligence comparisons based on brain size or brain this or that.
Yet if our brains were only 10% used then racial/sex theories would have no basis. tHese theories are based of coarse on evolutionary presumptions.
The bible teaches man has a soul and thinks with his heart. not his mind or brain.
The brain is merely a container for a thinking person.
probably its mostly to run the body and maintain memory.
Science fiction is wrong. brain size is unrelated to intelligence.
In fact I'm confident retardation is only a interference with memory.
Its just so wrong to see that our brain is our thinking ability.
Its just a machine with details to assist our innate thinking being.
We are made in Gods image and with his thinking ability.
nothing to do with a mechanical world.

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 Message 12 by Larni, posted 09-20-2011 3:53 AM Robert Byers has replied

Robert Byers
Member (Idle past 3800 days)
Posts: 640
From: Toronto,canada
Joined: 02-06-2004

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09-22-2011 1:58 AM
Reply to: Message 12 by Larni
09-20-2011 3:53 AM

I often bump into heredity theories based on genetics trying to show women are less brainy then men or show this etnic/race is higher or lower then others.
its quite common.
In fact a famous book called the bell curve was made about it.

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 Message 12 by Larni, posted 09-20-2011 3:53 AM Larni has replied

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