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Author Topic:   How similar are we to Chimps and Gorillas?
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12-29-2005 6:03 PM

Species cannot produce fertile offspring.
Are we different enough from Chimps/Gorillas that we can't produce offspring, sterile or fertile?
I'm doing this for a school paper, but I have not been able to find any extensive research on the subject.
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12-29-2005 6:33 PM
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12-29-2005 6:30 PM

Re: A shakey area for a new topic, but let's see what we can do
Haha, thanks for catching that error on definition of species. I meant to say that organism of different species cannot produce fertile offspring.
This is a HS english paper on hoaxes. I'm exploring the theory that bigfoot could be a hybrid between a chimp and a human.
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