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Author Topic:   Aquatic Ape theory?
Mike Holland
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04-07-2004 3:39 AM
Reply to: Message 3 by SweeneyTodd
04-07-2004 2:45 AM

Hi SweeneyTodd,
I am hardly an expert in evolutionary theory, although I have read very extensively on the subject, but I am rather partial to the Aquatic Ape theory. It does offer explanations for many things that the 'standard' theories cannot explain yet, such as our hairlessness and hair flow patterns, types of body fats in infants, etc (watch a bunch of other evolutionists shoot me down in flames for that lot), but I have seen nothing to validate or invalidate the theory yet, so I guess we can 'accept' it for the present. It is certainly fascinating.
Relevant books in my collection are
The Aquatic Ape - Elaine Morgan
The Scars of Evolution - Elain Morgan
The Monkey Puzzle - Gribbin and Cherfas
The Aquatic Ape: Fact or Fiction - various authors
The last one has many good articles both pro and anti.
Hope we get some good discussion on this topic, but it is difficult to get it going without quoting large sections of the books. Does anyone out there know of a good web site that discusses this theory? I will do some searching.
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