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Author Topic:   Aquatic Ape theory?
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04-07-2004 4:24 AM
Reply to: Message 4 by Mike Holland
04-07-2004 3:39 AM

I have to agree that the Aquatic Ape theory seems to make more sense than the savannah theory. You forgot the breathing aspect of the theory, in that we are the only land mammal with breath control and a descended larynx, which are telling indications of a possible aquatic ancestor.
Also, the only other animal with a perpendicular gait is aquatic (the penguin).
We waste a great deal of salt to sweat, which would seem detrimental in the savannah.
No other land animal cries, but the walrus, otter, and various marine birds and reptiles do.
Our glands which secrete oil are huge compared to chimps, and these oil glands are often used for waterproofing.
The list of answers that the aquatic ape theory gives us is long indeed.

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Member (Idle past 5508 days)
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04-07-2004 8:02 AM
Reply to: Message 8 by Sylas
04-07-2004 6:11 AM

I was operating off of her original book, and her theory sounded interesting. I just wanted to fill in the rest of the tenets of the theory that were missed. I apologize for posting falsified data, I haven't read it for a while.
I'll do some research on that oil thing, independent of Morgan, but I doubt I'll find anything. The penguin comparison was hers, by the way, and I almost left it out. I didn't really think the comparison between a human and a bird was relevant, but she seemed to think it was important.
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