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Author Topic:   Aquatic Ape theory?
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Message 36 of 138 (102179)
04-23-2004 12:34 PM
Reply to: Message 34 by redwolf
04-23-2004 12:07 PM

Studies of neanderthal DNA have cleanly eliminated the neanderthal as a plausible human ancestor, and all other hominids are much further removed from modern humans THAN the neanderthal. That eliminates the possibility of modern humans having evolved here on this planet, and leaves three choices;
For your theory to work you have to fit in the three problems listed below.
1. Genetic similarities between humans and neanderthals. Mitochondrial DNA seems to indicate that humans and neanders were genetically isolated, but the similiarities between the DNA sequences is still striking.
2. Genetic similarities between humans and chimps/bonobos/gorillas. If humans are extra-terrestrial in origin, then these apes have to be as well. The only way to make sense of the genetic similarities, both in base-base comparisons and genetic markers such as ERVs, is common ancestory. Or, with your ET theory, that they were breed or designed by the same space aliens to resemble a clade.
3. The hominid fossils which point to humans coming from an ape-like ancestor. Although the fossils we found may not be directly linked to humans through common ancestory, they nonetheless give us an idea of what hominids looked like millions of years ago. There is no denying the progression from ape like to human like morphology. Neanderthals are not the last link, there are numerous other fossils and species that point towards a common ancestory with apes.

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04-23-2004 2:58 PM
Reply to: Message 37 by redwolf
04-23-2004 2:27 PM

You still didn't address the ERV's (endogenous retroviral insertions). This is very strong evidence for common ancestory of hominds and new world apes.
Also, this picture of prominent homind fossil skulls seems to refute your argument that there is no other lineage in the fossil record besides Neaders.
However, to divert the anger of the Admins, this is getting a smidge off topic. If you would like, we could start a new thread on either Neanderthals as a separate non-interbreeding species separate from humans, or we could go into the fossil evidence for man's link to new world apes (both fossil and genetic evidence). If you feel uncomfortable starting a new thread I could step in and give it a try. I am not trying to duck your arguments, just think it might be more appropriate in another thread.
PS: I am as guilty as anybody when it comes to topic drift, don't feel like I am singling you out.

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 Message 37 by redwolf, posted 04-23-2004 2:27 PM redwolf has replied

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04-23-2004 5:52 PM
Reply to: Message 39 by RAZD
04-23-2004 5:03 PM

Agreed, but the data may be incomprehensible to the non-scientifically trained. I will try to get something together within the next week (hopefully) and the local laymen editors can have their way with it. It will take time to track down genome placement, specific mutations within ERVs, etc. I have opened a new thread (Needed: Info on Human/Chimp ERV's) if you or anyone else want to contribute.
To Redwolf, I will layoff the ERV issue until I open a new thread. Hopefully you will contribute to the debate once I get my chicks in a row. It would probably be more appropriate in a thread by itself instead of sidetracking us here.

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