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Author Topic:   Geologic Column
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06-12-2009 12:54 PM
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06-12-2009 8:26 AM

Re: mooved from
How consistent is it?
ie, if we choose a random location and dig down, would the rock strata be in that sequence?
Near-certainly they would be, except in a very few places where something has happened to disturb the order. And we can detect thos cases. Such as the Lewis Overthrust, beloved of creationists, where a huge chunk of landscape was shoved up on top of another chunk of landscape. Creationist ... um ... er ... let's say "fibs" about the Lewis Overthrust are discussed at Claim CD102.1.
and how reliable and consistent are the ages assigned to the different life-forms found in the layers?
Extremely reliable and consistent. The few cases in which there are seeming inconsistencies have been extensively investigated, and almost all those apparent inconsistencies have been found to be consistent after all. Such as the KBS TUff story we've mentioned here.

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06-15-2009 8:58 AM
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06-15-2009 6:47 AM

Re: consistent, pervasive, index fossils
the other thing i want to know is why geology and evolution are so closely linked? Shouldn't they be independent of each other?
They mostly are independent of each other, except in the sense that all science is a coherent linked web. What makes you think they are linked?
Some practictioners in either field will use the results from the other. The results in one field are consistent with the other.
Astronomers use the results of nuclear physics and chemistry. Shouldn't they be independendt? No.
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