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Author Topic:   Human & dinosaur crossing trackways authenticated
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06-14-2007 6:13 PM
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03-26-2007 10:42 PM

Re: Totally Evasive and off topic
Walking with Dinosaurs
Speaking as a human, any soft substrate will not preserve footprints like the picture. It's clearly a fake produced by carving a vaguely foot-shaped cavity. Have any of these creationists never walked across a mudflat or a beach? Human footprints just don't look like that! Mine or other people's!
My Observations
If the footprint were genuine, the substrate was pretty soft like semi-firm clay otherwise it wouldn't have flowed under the weight of a human, even if oversized.
A geological analysis revealed that the footprint is in limestone
There seems to be no evidence of the heel strike & toe thrust produced during walking over soft surfaces, especially as the foot and toes flex.
Absence of the ridge between the toes and the front of the sole.
There is also the peculiar shape of the sole which is convex, [raised].
The arch looks wrong, the inner edge of the footprint is too pronounced.
No mud-slump evidence.
There is evidence that the footprint is on the underside of the layers - interesting!
It's a very poor fake!

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06-14-2007 8:50 PM
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06-14-2007 6:13 PM

Footprints and Scams
Welcome to the fray pseudotruth.
Creatortionistas are not interested in truth but in selling their scams to the gullible and the ignorant. And anyone who takes one of those elongated footprints as human is clearly both.
ps - In case you don't already know, type [qs]quote boxes are easy[/qs] and it becomes:
quote boxes are easy
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