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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   General discussion of moderation procedures: The Consequtive Consecution Sequel
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Message 168 of 302 (305131)
04-19-2006 1:23 AM
Reply to: Message 161 by Adminnemooseus
04-16-2006 1:44 AM

Re: The "Great Debate" indicators are pretty obvious
I agree with crashfrog about changing the style, or do whatever to make the great debate threads a little more obvious. While I do not participate anywhere nearly as often as crashfrog, I do read a lot on this forum. Because people on one side of the debate grossly overpopulate this forum, I only feel like responding when something really interests me.
http://EvC Forum: How do we know about natural selection? (Igor and Lithodid-Man only) -->EvC Forum: How do we know about natural selection? (Igor and Lithodid-Man only)
That message by igor literally gave me the itch to respond (for obvious reasons).
The point is since I read more than I write, sometimes it's too easy for me to forget which part of the forum I'm reading. In the case of igor's entertaining yet sad post I referenced, the only thing that stopped me from responding was NosyNed's deleted post right after igor's post.
With that said, is there a way at all for those of us not cool enough to be in a great debate to respond someone in one? The itch hasn't gone away.

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 Message 161 by Adminnemooseus, posted 04-16-2006 1:44 AM Adminnemooseus has not replied

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