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Author Topic:   War on Christmas
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12-27-2006 12:19 AM
Reply to: Message 34 by New Cat's Eye
12-26-2006 12:51 PM

Well, even if I am inaccurate in what happened at Wal*Mart, maybe we can illustrate how nutty of a job these left-wingers can be (I’ll most likely be told what I believe and how I’m evil and want all this bad stuff to happen to a bunch of people, which I don’t) But that’s just how the nutjobs seem to operate.
nah its mostly the nutty right-wingers who want more persicution of thier beliefs, so they can whine about how unfair people are
Ok, and I have no sources either. But what I heard was that Wal*Mart employees were forbidden to say Merry Christmas and that they must use Happy Holidays, or something similar that is non-specific to any religion. This was a response to a complaint from a non-christian being wished Merry Christmas and being “offended” by it. Maybe it never happened, I don’t know, but if that is what happened then I stand by my claim that it is fucking retarded
well as a walmart employee i can without a doubt tell you that what people are circulating, is 100% grade-A Bullshit
walmart would never force anyone to say what they don't want to say, the fact is there are 3 greeting we do, and all 3 of them get complained about!
say merry christmas, get someone who complains about how offensive that no other religions are being thought of, say happy holidays and people complain about how christmas is being ignored, but its the only holiday that matters.
then we have the third one, not saying anything about holidays at all, thats what i do, i could give a crap if you have a happy whatever, i'm just glad its over! but people complain about the fact that we don't say happy anything, as if its a crisis if we don't
you just can't win!
What this “War on Christmas” email exemplifies is the crapola that us rightwing nutjobs think is retarded. The be-careful-not-to-offend-anyone mentality gets so insane that Merry Christmas is offensive and banned. Merry Christmas is not offensive and it is not ”good manners’ to say Happy Holidays. If you’re offended by Merry Christmas then you’re either trying to be offended, lying about the offense, of too sensitive to deserve any respect.
i might agree with you, but its kind of narrowing your view of other peoples points, not everyone celebrates christmas, how would you feel
if someone wished you a happy winter solstice?
i think flipping out and screaming at the person is a little much, but having someone wish me a marry christmas is ignorent of others religions, its a sure sign that the person doesn't care about anything outside of christianity
yes a majority of people are christians in this country, but not everyone is a christian, so i do consider it rude to assume they are, so IMO happy holidays is a better greeting to people you don't know
Wishing someone a Merry Christmas is not assuming they are the same religion as you. How many non-christians celebrate christmas every year? Lets just say ”lots’. You don’t have to be christian to celebrate christmas so there is no assumtion necessary in the greeting.
to a lot of people it is, personally they should rename the secular holiday of the winter celebration and present giving to something else and let christians have christmas back, but christmas is really pretty meaningless to most people anyway, but most still consider it linked to christianity, becuase thats how they grew up on it, for many generations it was a religious holiday, but over hmm the last 20 years its become more secularized, but not to the point of it not being identified with christianity
How is wishing someone a Merry Christmas forcing your view, or anything at all, on them. The only force that I heard about was that people were forced to NOT say Merry Christmas. That is forcing your view on someone, forbidding them to do something. <- nuttery?
i don't think forced is the right word, more, i think, assuming a view of all people, by saying merry christmas, i look at it as an annoyence, when someone assumes i celebrate xmas, simply because its close to it, it simply seems like people who say merry christmas are ignoring others in favor of this holiday
Why do you see it that way? I don’t see how this is forcing religious views. If a Mexican says “Hola” to me am I suppose to get offended because he is forcing his language on me?
yes sir, the analogy just died a bitter death
If Wal*Mart forced their employees to say “Merry Christmas” then that would be fucking retarded too.
i think walmarts execs are a bit smarter than that, walmart may like the downhome christian image they try to perpecuate, but they would insult a ton of people who arn't christians, jews, athiests, muslims,pagans,etc
Seriously? That’s pretty impractical and unnecessary. Its impractical because it’s a greeting . they aren’t there to have a conversation with you to determine your religious beliefs. Are you suggesting they use a pre-greeting greeting? Whats wrong with just using whatever greeting they’re conformable with. I wouldn’t be offended walking into a Wal*Mart and getting wished a Happy Hanukah . Its unneccesary because people shouldn’t be offended by it in the first place.
oRLY? you may claim you wouldn't be offended by a greeting from someone you hardly know, but i doubt that very much, you might try to not be but like everyone else, you would be a bit. thats why happy holidays is better, everyone has some form of winter holiday in every religion
What if you want to? You really think that is bad manners? If so, we really have different opinions on manners, and admittedly, mine are a lot looser.
i think it is bad manners, i think your religion is irrelevent to me and can bring only bad connotations rather than good for most people
But yeah, religion is between you and god (unless you’re evangelical), but that doesn’t mean that we can’t even mention it. Or that we can’t use a greeting with a religious connotation. And Merry Christmas isn’t even necessarily christian so the connotation shouldn’t even be there.
it is christian, it doesn't matter if you focus on santa or christ more, the holiday is christan, by the very fact of the name and were it came from, plus more people celebrate it about christ than santa, its the only time a lot of people go to church even, the mind of most people believe its christan, so it is by most people
And that is what I think is fucking retarded. I have to watch what I say because of a “few crazy people”. Fuck that. And fuck them if they are offended.
well then i guess you can't be offended by anything then, i've head a few christians complain about the happy holiday stuff when they want people to say merry christmas, its idiotic both ways
Part of my point exactly, Merry Christmas is not necessarily a christian greeting.
maybe it isn't to you, but to most of the rest of the world it is
Another part of my point, even if it is christian, it isn’t even offensive.
it is to people who might be jewish or muslim or people who find chistianity offensive, or the person might find your assuption of them being christian offensive
Yeah, I’d be willing to bet that the whole walmart thing didn’t even happen but snopes said it did so it must be true
maybe they tried to do this, but i've been working there since 2004 and they never asked us to do anything like that
I just like insulting liberals. I think its fun and its easy to get a rise out of them. Some of the stuff I post on the internets is total bullshit. Semi-trolling, engaging people. I hope you can tell when I’m being serious and when I’m not, but probably not always. The insulting stuff only comes out because of the anonymity, or if I’m pissed off because of something in RL. I do find liberals to be really annoying though.
about the same with conservitives really, its like poking a bear with a stick, but liberals are more squishy than conservitives, who on the other hand can be so dense they wouldn't know humour if you smacked them with a sign with humour!! in big letters and neon
I don’t really know anything about the “War on Christmas” stuff. The only thing I really heard was that Wal*Mart employees are not allowed to say Merry Christmas. That kinda pisses me off, if it is true. Other than that I haven’t heard much nor have I really discussed it. This discussion and the one in the humor thread is 99% of what I’ve said about it, ever.
as i said, its bullshit, no one, no matter how little they care about employees like the owners of walmart, would do such a thing and get away with it
there are too many people who are religious, who work for walmart, for them to make such a stupid move
they may have tried it, but walmart knows how far they can bend something before a majority of buyers complain

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12-31-2006 6:46 PM
Reply to: Message 45 by New Cat's Eye
12-27-2006 11:48 AM

To me, it looks like a response not an initiation.
really? when the dominent religion is christianity and there are more people who are right-wing that middle or left?
People are gonna bitch about something, no matter what. Its annoying. From my point of view, the left does more bitching, but I could have a biased perspective. Every once in a while, I like to jump in and do a little bitching back.
i think it depends on what the subject is, and yes i think its bias to claim that the left bitchs more. i consider myself middle, rather than left or right, i hold some conservitive views and some liberal, but mostly middle
I think you’re wrong here, at least in the way that I use the greeting. I’m aware of the other religions and don’t include the religious connotation in the greeting, and I certainly care about things outside of christianity. In the same way that you are saying that christians are making up persecution, the people who are offended be the greeting are falsy including ignorance and offense into the greeting.
thats just you though, not everyone views it like you, thats the point i'm making, christmas still has more religious meaning that you claiming it does
when infact most people who celebrate it, consider it religious
I don’t think Merry Christmas is better, I just don’t think its bad. I can agree that Happy Holidays is better but, personally, I’m not used to it. Merry Christmas comes naturally, as that’s what I was raised to say, and I don’t think I should have to change because of a few people’s perceived offense from it.
yes you grew up saying it, so what? your argument just sounds like "i don't care about what you think, i'll say what i want and you can go screw yourself or suck it up"
and a lot of people believe in creationism but we can agree that we shouldn’t change a science curriculum to appease them. We shouldn’t change the holiday greeting to appease these people either.
where did i say that we should do this? i was pointing out that a lot of people if not most do consider the greeting to religious, which you said most people don't, why shouldn't we change it? it works ok if theres just christianity, but not everyone is a christian
If it’s a greeting to a stranger the odds are that the person will be celebrating christmas in some way. The vast majority of people, in america at least, do. Its doesn’t assume that everyone does, but I’m not gonna to NOT use a greeting I prefer because of a small fraction of people that might get offended.
thats a great assumption on your part don't you think? one thing i've learned working at walmart is never to assume anything, because i'm usally wrong, which is a good thing to keep in mind
my sarcastic way of saying, your analogy sucks the fact is a language is only a form of comunication its not a religion, so how exactly can you compare them?
We can probably steer away from the walmart thing. Its not really about them so much now.
whats it about then? the whiny ignorent christians that believe that from dec 1st to jan 1 its all about jesus and america being a christian nation means no heathen religions get a fair shake?
Sure, Happy Holidays might be better, but if I prefer the worse greeting, I don’t want people saying its wrong that I used it.
i tihnk its just ignorent and unfair to those that don't celebrate a holiday, thus really being meaningless
I don’t think its bad manner because when I wish a stranger a Merry Christmas, it lacks the religious connotation and makes no assumption of their religion.
so, only because you think it doesn't, that it doesn't to everyone else? personally if it wasn't for my family, who are mostly christian anyway i wouldn't celebrate it, i could careless about celebrating the birth of someone who we can't ever know existed or when
More reason for it NOT to be wrong to say it if the odds are the person you’re saying it too is celebrating the christian holiday.
thats my point, you don't know this, happy holidays is better because it doesn't assume something about someone you just met, i find it better to use HH, because you might find someone who truely doesn't want to be told marry christmas, for what ever reasons
Well they’re wrong if they thing that it is a necessity that the greeting is christian
really on what athority are you making this claim?
Well, I don’t assume they’re christian. But anyways, I don’t understand why they get offended by it. Especially when I’m not making that assumption and the greeting isn’t necessarily christian.
because, they do consider it a christian holiday! really CS its not a hard thing to figure out, most muslums do consider it a christian holiday and why the heck would jewish people celebrate christmas?, if you think nearly a bilion people is a small number i'd wonder what a big one is to you
athiests and non-relgious people only call it xmas because thats what they grew up with, if they made up a secular holiday and called it "buy-lots of crap you don't need" day they would call it that
Decent analogy. The liberals are over-sensitive too, to the point that I got to walk on pins and needles and be more careful than I’m willing to be. Then they get mad when I’m not, and they become the ones who are trying to force other people to do thing.
both sides do this, different reasons, cons for money,power and control. dems for absurd idealist, squishy brotherly love hopes
the truth is say what you want, but don't be surprised if people get mad and wonder, thinking about the whys are there, but as far as i can tell you don't seem to step outside your own box much, i do understand your points, its easier, feels normal, and have been doing it for years

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