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Author Topic:   War on Christmas
Rand Al'Thor
Inactive Member

Message 13 of 245 (370410)
12-17-2006 3:10 PM

Another Issue of Extremes
This whole "War on Christmas" deal that everyone seems to be talking about is just another example of an extremely small amount of people having total control over the majority. I am very strongly of the opinion that people are capable of "growing up" and accepting the religious beliefs of other people. In this case, "Merry Christmas" is probably one of the most benign things that you could say. Ridiculous stories of stores selling "Holiday Trees" or "holiday lights", just pisses me off. It is along the same lines as schools not allowing children to read Harry Potter because one "nutjob" parent thinks it inspires witchcraft.
These people are just Turkeys. I personally am a Atheist, but that doesn't mean that I should get insulted by something like "Merry Christmas!". Now, it would be a different story if people were yelling, "YOU WILL BURN IN ETERNAL HELLFIRE." at me. Hahaha but even then, come on, does it really cause "emotional damage"? Do those words make me go home at night and cry? No, they make me laugh, I think the bigger issue here is just people being over sensitive and sue happy. We're not kids anymore; I'd hope that most of us are tough enough to handle a few unkind words.

"We're surrounded... That simplifies our problem..." -Lewis "Chesty" Puller

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