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Author Topic:   Solving the Mystery of the Biblical Flood II
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05-06-2003 11:12 PM
Reply to: Message 175 by wmscott
05-06-2003 9:41 PM

Re: A victorious conclusion to a long debate?
I haven't really been following this thread, so I guess I have a few questions:
1) Does your theory rely on modern animals decending from populations aboard an ark?
2) If not how did modern life survive a recent global flood?
3) If so, why doesn't population genetics reveal that kind of massive bottleneck?
4) If all humans are the decendants of Noah and his family, how were there enough people to build the Pyramids AND leave Egypt in the big exodus? How do you go from like 8 people to some 2.5 million or more in a few generations?
5) Why aren't flood stories more common?
6) Aren't there contiguous Chinese records before, during, and after the time the flood is said to have occured? (Somebody on the board mentioned these; I haven't been able to find a link.) Why don't they mention the flood?
That's just the stuff I've come up with. Obviously it's mostly biological. But it seems to me that a global flood has consequences that stretch beyond the geological. (Indeed, it's "global" in its consequences, if you'll pardon the pun.) Maybe you've managed to bend geological evidence into your flood story, but from the biological perspective I remain unconvinced.

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Member (Idle past 1581 days)
Posts: 19762
From: Silver Spring, MD
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05-08-2003 8:32 PM
Reply to: Message 180 by wmscott
05-08-2003 6:13 PM

So rather than saying that the flood happened on this or that date at 4:35 pm or whatever, I concentrate my efforts on first proving the occurrence of the event before I worry about exact dating.
Well, if so, how would you discern evidence for a global flood from evidence for multiple, unrelated local floods if you don't specify a time frame for the global flood?
Under your methodology, flood evidence from 10,000 years ago in one area and flood evidence from 100,000 years ago in another would be taken by you to point to one global flood; most people wouldn't agree with this conclusion.
Floods happen, no one disagrees, but a global flood has to leave evidence all at once, in the same time window. Until you've pinned down a time frame I don't think your theory holds much water (so to speak).

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