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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Peanut gallery for Great Debate?
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04-07-2005 6:38 PM
Reply to: Message 10 by Percy
04-07-2005 2:57 PM

Thats for the commentary Percy. Also thanks to JonF for all the good examples of non-flat disconformities. I knew they existed but just didn't know what magic words to type into Google to make them appear.
With regards to some of my over simplifications. I feel that both as a novice as geology as well as being in a discussion with someone who admits to having little geology knowledge my purpose is to keep it as simple as possible. Hence the basin as a bowl in your backyard example. Even though in reality the situations are much more complicated, I feel that conceptually it it necessary to proceed at that level in the discussion.
As for the peanut gallery. I was very interested in starting a thread like this to discuss the GD and primarily how accurate my descriptions of classical geology are. I was also very cautious to try to start it up prior to GD being finished for the same reasons as mentioned above. I may be far too early to make predictions about progress but Faith does seem to do her best work when she is not bombarded with responses.
I would only ask that if this thread is going to continue in parallel that it be very carefully moderated to be ONLY a commentary and not a "safe place" to post rebuttals to Faith.
It can also be discussed between Faith, myself, and other posters if there is a desire to hand the torch off to another opponent after a few more posts or so.

FOX has a pretty good system they have cooked up. 10 mil people watch the show on the network, FOX. Then 5 mil, different people, tune into FOX News to get outraged by it. I just hope that those good, God fearing people at FOX continue to battle those morally bankrupt people at FOX.
-- Lewis Black, The Daily Show

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