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Author Topic:   Senator Al Franken?
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04-06-2005 1:51 PM
Reply to: Message 4 by paisano
04-06-2005 1:20 PM

Re: Minnesota's Jeese Ventura
This is true, the cartoon is a caricature. Most polls show that most Americans, and most voting Americans, do not support the Republican tax cuts. Or almost any Republican issue, for that matter. What decided the last two elections was "values"; most of the respondents could not quite explain what they meant by "values".

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04-06-2005 5:40 PM
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04-06-2005 5:26 PM

Re: Topic drift
There are probably more qualified people out there.
But not in the Senate. I don't see how Franken is any less qualified than anyone already there to work on any kind of treaty or legislation. I am currently in a state that was recently represented in the Senate by a former pro football wide receiver (not that I'm criticizing -- I was a big Seahawks fan when he was playing).
Seeing how a failed businessman with a C average from Yale would become President and a clueless B-movie actor could be elected President, both of whom presided over the most crooked administrations in the last 100 years, I think it's a bit late to start worrying about standards.
Besides, to be serious again, I think the only qualification should be whether the voters trust the candidate enough to represent them. I would not rule out anyone, even if their only qualification is to be a left-leaning loud mouth. In the present political climate, that sounds good enough for me.
Edited to add: Oops. After looking up Steve Largent, it appears that he was elected to the House of Representatives, not the Senate. I am a dolt.
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