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Author Topic:   Senator Al Franken?
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01-11-2018 3:30 PM
Reply to: Message 263 by Percy
01-10-2018 6:45 PM

Re: Catherine Deneuve Speaks Out
But she also says that woman should tolerate some level of, well, there are no other words for it, sexual harassment. Is a crotch feel (DeNeuve's words: "a man who rubs himself against her in the subway") really to be tolerated?
But I do see strength in the pragmatism of DeNeuve's view, less because I like it and more because, as much as I favor the #MeToo movement, I don't believe human nature will ever change.
I think what she is alluding to is that Twitter may have turned this legitimate issue into somewhat of a sideshow. Everyone now jumping on the bandwagon and it runs the risk of appearing more like a witch hunt which devalues what I think is a serious problem.
At a core level, I think what #MeToo is striving to do is draw attention to how women have had to be complacent to advances from men in positions of power. There is a fine line between being flirtatious versus being outright aggressive. But ultimately, in my mind, the core issue is the abuse of power. Whether it be in Hollywood or elsewhere, too often have men (and some women) used their elevated status, wealth and gravitas to coerce women into uncomfortable situations. And if they rebuff the advances, they can be blacklisted. Case in point was Mira Sorvino who turned away Weinstein only to be passed over for many roles. Despite being an Oscar winner.

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