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Author Topic:   Senator Al Franken?
Tempe 12ft Chicken
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08-02-2013 5:02 PM
Reply to: Message 114 by dronestar
08-02-2013 1:32 PM

Re: Amash NSA Amendment
Dronester writes:
Franken's words and actions have been very clear, he wants to continue spying on americans in a desperate hope to prevent another terrorist attack.
Well, from I what I have read the program has thwarted 50+ terrorist attacks, which I consider a good thing. The other question I would ask is what evidence exists that the information gathered from Americans has been used against them by the Government at this time? I simply mean, have there been any instances where the NSA has gathered information not pertaining to terrorist activities and then proceeded to charge a U.S. National with a crime based upon that information?
From what I can find, this information has not been used in this manner to date. Perhaps you could direct me to some actual examples of the NSA spying actually being used against Americans, rather than just a blanket sweep using an algorithm to find possible terrorist links and then having a human operator determine the extent of the connection to terrorist activity. Personally, I knew they were gathering this data from the moment the Patriot Act was signed and I have yet to change any of my text messaging, e-mailing, or any other habits. Why? Well, because I am not the type of individual they are looking for. Oh, the DEA might be, but they have yet to come banging down my door over the hundreds of texts I have sent that would have given them the information they would need to file charges.
Look, I get that you feel the fourth amendment is important, and so do I. However, completely dismantling the NSA data gathering project would be detrimental and would actually cause deaths, while you have a highly speculative, paranoid outlook on its eventual outcome. Why do you chant for the complete dismantling instead of making it more transparent, bringing the court into the public eye, and showing Americans that their data is not being misused? Personally, if a system can save lives we should use it. We should just inform every American of it and exactly how it works.
Also, to think that the fourth amendment would remain as envisioned when it was written in this age of worldwide instant communication is sort of pipe dream and I don't know how you can reconcile it with reality in the technological age. Every country in the world is doing what it can to spy on and gather electronic data. Personally, I am glad my country is doing so as well, at least with the idea of keeping us safe....unless you have that information of it being misused to try a civilian?
Oh, and your statement that Franken is attacking the Constitution is blatantly incorrect. Otherwise, every Senator who has every voted Yes on an Amendment to the Constitution was breaking his or her Oath to support it. Such as making Alcohol illegal was against giving individuals Freedom to choose (And personally, I feel that no booze would attack my pursuit of happiness), but then we had upstart Senators later who did not support that portion of the Constitution and amended it again. You keep bringing the oath up as evidence, but notice the Oath does not state "I will support the Constitution in its exact form, never wanting to amend or adjust it to fit with current times."

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