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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Nature of God
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02-09-2001 7:20 PM

djzpt: I don't think that is a very good analogy.
Perhaps not, but then let's avoid analogies and discuss specifics.
djzpt: We are not talking about something that if you don't participate in it, there are no consequences.
Sure we are. I believe in God, but not the God of Christianity, nor the God of Islam, nor the God of Hinduism, nor the God of Buddhism, nor the God of any of the world's religions. My personal religion has no book of rules and penalities, unless you count the laws of physics. The God that I believe in has not yet revealed himself to us in any overt way, and I don't know that he ever will. All the world's religious books and beliefs merely reflect man's yearning to know the power and the purpose behind existence.
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02-09-2001 9:00 PM
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02-09-2001 7:20 PM

djzpt:If you are in this discussion regarding Evolution versus Creationism, and then use the term God, I fail to see how one is to misunderstand which religious belief you are referring to.
Considering he said he was not a Christian this shouldn't have been that hard for you. Pretty much by definition he wasn't replying to the Christian God.
Being a Christian has at least one specific belief that all must hold (with due deference to some unitarians who still identify that way)--that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and died for one's sins. In saying that one believes in God, but is not a Christian, one is simply saying they believe in a Supreme Being, but not the specific beliefs of Christianity and in his clarification--other organized religions.
I'm rather confused by your position here given Percy was clear. Additionally, from time to time creationists do come in who don't argue YEC Christian creationism, but something akin to Hindu creationism. Michael Cremo was just in St. Louis recently, though I missed his talks.
Larry Handli

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02-11-2001 5:30 PM
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02-09-2001 9:00 PM

RE:"'If you are in this discussion regarding Evolution versus Creationism, and then use the term God, I fail to see how one is to misunderstand which religious belief you are referring to.'
'There are many religions which imagine a supreme, invisible, humanoid deity. Where have you gotten the impression that Only Christians believe in God?'" by djzpt:
Well, first, confusion about which god you refer to might be because 99% of what is discussed here refers to Genesis and so lies outside of the creation stories of Gilgamesh and so on. This certainly lends to the board appearing to be Ev. vs. Christian Creationism. The other thing forgotten here is that I don't have to be Christian to work from Genesis. I could be Jewish. Why does it appear that there are no Jewish Creationists anyway? ((Or at least it appears so from my experience. I welcome contrary examples.))

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 Message 2 by lbhandli, posted 02-09-2001 9:00 PM lbhandli has not replied

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