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Author Topic:   An acutal case for a young earth?
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08-17-2006 8:02 AM

I am in he middle of a heated debate with a co-worker about the age of the earth. He came up to me and started to talk about how they found a "fresh" dinosaur bone with blood still on the bone. Naturally I researched this but all I could find was a couple of sources which were in Answers in Genesis and other Christian sites.
Dinosaur Soft Parts | The Institute for Creation Research
I was curious if there is someone out there who could explain this issue to me, and could shed some light onto this elusive topic.
Page has gone | New Scientist
History, Travel, Arts, Science, People, Places Smithsonian Magazine
These are some actual scientific website I could find on this subject.
Thank you

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08-17-2006 8:37 AM

Thread copied to the An acutal case for a young earth? thread in the Miscellaneous Topics in Creation/Evolution forum, this copy of the thread has been closed.

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