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Author Topic:   One World Government. What do you think?
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03-01-2023 3:59 PM

The criminal element hates a one world governance; that makes me for it.
Given my old criminal mind and delinquent attitude; I know that if I was my old self, I would hate the notion of a one world government.
Such a bank would prevent me from talking advantage of the white economy.
Fair taxation makes my criminal wallet lose twofold. I lose my gain and now must pay fair.
Given my reform and apotheosis, I feel it is my duty to tell all my fellow white economy taxpayers, we all pay taxes, and it is foolish not to have a fair system.
Leaving unfair advantage to the black market does not seem like a good idea.
I think I would vote for a One World Government, just to get the One World Bank.
If your government preaches against a One World Government, they are voting with the criminals who hate the idea.
Economically speaking; given that single source banking governance is easy, --- I think that moving a huge economic advantage from the black market to our white market, --- is a good idea.

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