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Author Topic:   Astrogeomanity - the periodic table of human evolution. pseudoscientific or not?!
Daniel Grossman
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08-22-2022 7:40 PM

Astrogeomanity, the theory of human evolution in space, is to be used by practitioners for study and research purposes. The theory it's a model of framework that Astrogeomanity generates that can be used for correct predictions.
Use manual:
The Astrogeomanity Table Integrating: Physics fundamental forces | Chemistry fundamentals | Matter | Minerals | Rocks | Astronomy - Nebula to Nebula theory stars life cycles | Goldilocks conditions. | Earth Geology time scales.
Revolutionary key discoveries of Paleontology and Biology | Mass extinction events | Human eras in a new order by definition and colors | Human evolution | Prehistoric archeology | Human Technology history | Lost cities.
Table colors signification:Black = Physics fundamental forces | turquoise = Space | Purple = space intervals | Blue = Earth geologic Eons | Light green = Geologic Eras | Red = Geologic Period | orange = geologic Epochs | Metallic green = Human Eras | Brown = human periods | Dark Green = human epochs | Yellow = human ages.
Additional info:
* Sound particles & Light particles are not matter and are considered as phenomenon forces by science and for that reason, in Astrogeomanity we integrated the Light & Sound particles in the Fundamental forces list.
* In the Astrogeomanity table Eras & Periods & Epochs are not mentioned In the Eons: Hadean, Archean and Proterozoic, For having a better user experience.
* The Human Era means the time when humans made significant physiological changes such as the use of the first tools "Stone age" and changes such as Space exploration.
* Human period means time intervals above 10,000 years.
* Human epochs mean time intervals between 4-10 thousand years.
* Humanity Ages means time intervals of less than 4 thousand years and drastic changes that changed the path of the human species.
* The Astrogeomanity's future vision is to evolve by new finds of history and by making new links for future human ages and space colonization.
* BYA = Billion years ago | MYA = Million years ago | BCE = Before common era | CE = Common era.
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 Message 2 by Daniel Grossman, posted 08-22-2022 7:41 PM Daniel Grossman has not replied

Daniel Grossman
Junior Member (Idle past 615 days)
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Joined: 08-19-2022

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08-22-2022 7:41 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by Daniel Grossman
08-22-2022 7:40 PM

Fundamental forces of the universe by Astrogeomanity. pseudoscientific or not?!
1. TIME:
The indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future are regarded as a whole. Fundamental Forces are Forces that act between bodies of matter and that are mediated by one or more particles.
a fundamental interaction of nature that acts between subatomic particles of matter.
The fundamental force that acts between leptons and is involved in the decay of hadrons.
Phenomena and the interaction of electric currents or fields and magnetic fields.
The force that attracts a body toward the center of the earth, or toward any other physical body having mass.
A sound particle is an imaginary infinitesimal volume of a medium, that shares the movement of the medium in response to the presence of sound at a specified point or in a specified region.
a particle representing a quantum of light or other electromagnetic radiation. A photon carries energy proportional to the radiation frequency but has zero rest mass.

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 Message 1 by Daniel Grossman, posted 08-22-2022 7:40 PM Daniel Grossman has not replied

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08-22-2022 7:46 PM

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