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Author Topic:   A Test Of Science And Evolution Knowledge
mike the wiz
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07-02-2017 2:02 PM

I promised Percy I would only put topics through the "proposed" section of the site so even though this is clearly a fairly trivial topic belonging obviously to the Coffee House, I shall keep my word;
Basically in a lot of debates the issue comes up of whether the debaters and perhaps in particular, creationists, understand science and evolution. This can of course be taken to a more ad hominem extreme, where a stereotype is created that a creationist is a gormless, stupid, uneducated, religious person and nothing more, and just needs to be educated by Dawkins.
Here are some quizzes/tests, I found. If you can find better quizzes that's fine.
The first quiz/test is population genetics. A difficult test Goku provided (a member from EFF with good education of evolution), I only got 65% on this test and that is probably the best low score I have ever got because my knowledge of this minutia level of science isn't the best;
Biology | Multiple Choice Quiz
This is just a test on evolution I googled;
Evolution T/F Quiz
I got 88% on that one.
And finally a science and technology quiz, which I got 14 out of 15;
Public’s Knowledge of Science and Technology | Pew Research Center
(This last one is a good one because when you are finished it shows a statistic of how you compare to people of the same age group and so forth.)
So just gives you a rough idea of your general knowledge of evolution and science.
So then do creationists understand the ToE, but perhaps just don't value it like you do? Is it only because we don't understand evolution that we don't accept it? Or do we understand it but like a joke when you don't laugh, we get it but just don't find it amusing?
I admit my own personal view is that generally speaking creationists would probably score a bit lower on average but I imagine that is because they have no interest in evolution theory, generally, on a deeper level. It can be difficult to take interest in a subject which doesn't interest you. But I don't think it's as black and white as some evolutionists make out. I believe there are many creationists like me, that understand your theory but simply don't accept it is true and believe on logical grounds it runs short of the mark.
My belief is that there is a strong connection between disinterest in a subject and ignorance of it. I believe in all honesty, if the boot was on the other foot, evolutionists would generally score low if there were tests to understand the creationist arguments from creation scientists.

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07-03-2017 8:48 AM

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Thread copied to the A Test Of Science And Evolution Knowledge thread in the Is It Science? forum, this copy of the thread has been closed.

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