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Author Topic:   Evolve to synchronize with the resonance chain of the collective
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09-30-2015 1:47 AM

I'm very impressed and very motivated to share a text that I read now:
the text speak about two questions the first part is about how create a IA different from a turing machine (all IA works are based on turing machines including those that use quantum computation), here the authors are specialized, and are doing a very interesting work on electromagnetic fractal computation based conscious machine
Information | Free Full-Text | Design and Construction of a Brain-Like Computer: A New Class of Frequency-Fractal Computing Using Wireless Communication in a Supramolecular Organic, Inorganic System
(where they are applying practically their ideas) and are founding their ideas embodied in the brain
Live visualizations of single isolated tubulin protein self-assembly via tunneling current: effect of electromagnetic pumping during spontaneous growth of microtubule | Scientific Reports,
where they inspired. Altrought I am very interested on that theory, and I am listing and ordering works that going to support that theory (of the electromagnetic mind), one part here other part there, in
here I would like to give attention to the second part of the text, the one that speaks about evolution (it start in page 10)
Is not a very scientific text, in a classical scientific paper form, but it was very funny and poetic to read for me, and it resonates with that I have in mind about important questions of our site on the universe.
That is why I post this in the hope that someone resonate with the text too..
Here some quotes:
"Birth of a life form is by which a single pulse creates another pulse before disappearing for a particular clock, if we travel inside that clock we will find that a whole resonance chain is mirrored during a birth. Since every single resonance is dancing in the tune of a universal resonance chain therefore, evolution is a process by which a life form wants to modulate it's body's mass distribution such that it increases the density of resonance states in its chain and at the same time increase the length."
"If we believe in the resonance chain concept, then, a group of mass could generate a symmetry and link themselves at different small parts of the chain, thus a new species could born, all species do not have to come up from a single species. Millions of living species, the diversity originate from the fact that during the interaction of the resonance chain."
"Objective of life is to enrich the resonance chain, those who fail, disappear from the planet. Darwin's view of conflict of the matter is primitive, it's a dance of matter and wave. Mirroring the nature in the resonance chain is consciousness, density of allowed vibrational frequency and length of the chain determines the degree of consciousness. Brain performs only one computation in a life, it begins at the birth of a baby in the mother's womb and it ends with the death of the human life. A life is a single pulse of the lowest resonance frequency of a life form. This is the same with the universe too."
"...we proclaim that "perfect killing machines do not rule the world", "the more conscious does", this simple argument is sufficient enough to prove that Darwin's struggle for survival was an illusion, the killing of animals never destroys either of them. The definition of life that Darwin took into account. Nature never selects the better killing machines, nature select better conscious machines."
" There is no tree of life, an attempt to find similarity between the simple and the complex life structure there is only one chain of resonance. The Darwin's theory of evolution is alive because of the beautiful movie plots, the data we have is a similarity in the organs of different species and we cook a story of struggle for transformation one species to another [11]. The theory of conversion of a fish into a four legged animal contains multiple such stories where far distant pictures are real and the stories are simply our imagination, when we will have more evidences of similarities, the tree of life created by Darwin will turn into the bush and then it will turn into a sphere, since lines coming out of the connecting points will cover everything. On the other hand, if we have a resonance chain [9], a very particular local part of the chain is selected for the life to form due to the constraints in the environment, then the materials and symmetries to be generated will have similarities, but they could originate from different routes independently."
Something may be changing in science when someone working at MIT write those paragraphs
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09-30-2015 1:56 AM

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