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Author Topic:   The US Civil War as an example of God's Wrath.
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11-10-2014 10:17 AM

In Message 816 of Homosexuality and Evo, Creo, and ID Faith claims that many Christians consider the US Civil War as an example of God's Wrath on the nation for slavery.
I do not doubt her claim at all but think it would be educational to see what that would say about the God she attempts to market.
First some basics.
Let's look at deaths. Recent figures point to about 140,000 Union combat deaths and 75,000 Confederate combat deaths.
So about twice as many folk opposing slavery died in combat as those alleged under Faith's scenario to be supporting slavery.
Slightly more Union soldiers died from causes (disease, starvation) other than combat than Confederate soldiers.
Based on those figures it would seem more likely the US Civil War was an example of God's Wrath for opposing slavery than for supporting slavery.
But there is more.
Only about 20% of Southerners actually owned slaves, maybe one out of three families. Based on and the fact that those wealthy enough to own slaves could hire folk to fight for them or were considered officers and so received better food, clothing, shelter and care than the average grunt it seems almost all of the folk that died never owned slaves.
So what does all that say about God's Wrath? Well for starters it says kill twice as many folk that opposed slavery as supported slavery and kill four to ten non-slave owners for every slave owner.
Doesn't sound like a very smart God.

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11-10-2014 10:39 AM

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