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Author Topic:   Wheat Grass Nutrient Levels?
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03-06-2013 8:49 PM

Hi everyone, just joined the forum. I've been looking for some assistance on this Wheat Grass thing.
I know growing indoors under artificial light is basically like growing saw dust. The nutrient level can't be that great since the regions most plants like are lacking to nonexistent in most CFL or basically all indoor lighting options.
I want to be able to test the health or quality of the grass myself before summer gets here. Basically have the data on Wheat Grass health from indoor growing area.
I have access to the following meters.
2) Photon Systems Instruments - FluorPen FP 100 (basic model)
in regards to Wheat Grass, I understand it's poor quality without the sun but I wanted to know how the meters can assist with testing this.
I don't believe the Brix meter can help muchbut I think the FP100 can help test the chlorophyll levels.
I heard that Wheat Grass doesnt really have much sugar and actually shouldnt have a high reading when grown naturally compared to indoors.
The website for the FP100 tells me that it measures the following things.
FT - continuous fluorescence yield in non-actinic light. FTis equivalent to F0 if the leaf sample is dark-adapted.
QY - Photosystem II quantum yield. QY is equivalent to FV/FM in dark-adapted samples and to FV ' /FM ' in light-adapted samples.
The big problem I have is... I have no idea what that means! lol
Does anyone know if these meters are the way to go with testing the plants health levels?
Thanks in advance for any response given here.
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