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Author Topic:   Evolution and the seven Christian hypothesis on Creation ought all be taught
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02-10-2013 12:58 PM

There is hardly a soul not aware of the great divide in the culture between Science and the Institution of Public Education in genral while the Institution of Religion teaches a different point of view.
What is the purpose of Public Education if not to bring light and reason to such matter concerning the larger society?
Within the Institution of Religion, itself, the seven different perspectives are hardly acknowledged by the b-general opublic.
The effect of this is that children are raised in a paradigm that diuvides them, fails to inform them of the choices available, and allows adults to dispute one another blindly.
Just the sociological value of present ALL the seven views plus Evolution seems to be sensible behavior.
1) Young Earth creationism
2) Old Earth creationism
3) Day-Age creationism
4) Progressive creationism
5) Gap creationism
6) Intelligent design
7) Theistic evolution
8) Scientific Evolution
Theistic Evolution by and large agrees with science, and differes only with the way other men like Smith, Wesley, Cambell, etc presented their interpretation of Genesis:
1) It is clear that the Universe DID have a beginning, 13.9 billion years ago.
(Gen 1:1)
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2) The hot spinning molten matter that was to coalesce into the planet Earth was without form:
Genesis 1:2
3) There were seven long Cosmic "days" since that Big Bang, which we call the seven cosmic/geological Eras
4) A Cosmic Dark Age did precede that advent of let there be light to flood the cosmo:
(Gen 1:3-5)
5) There was one ocean, once, where all the waters had been collected together
(Gen 1:9
6) Pangea/Rodinia did actually confirm that the dry land appeared surrounded totally by water
(Gen 1:10
Genesis 1:9-10... the uncanny Geological and Geographical accuracy
7) The Plant kingdom did establish itself before the Animal kingdom
(Gen 1:11
Genesis 1:11-13
8) The Sun and the Moon and all the Stars were "MADE," given authority over circadian Earth Time as soon as life appeared:
Gen 1:15-16, ... Biological time-keeping is assigned to the Solar System:
9) Man WAS the last step in the evolution of Dominant Life on earth.
(Gen 1:27)
10) Man HAS managed to form a mental IMAGE of "Father Nature" by understanding of His Laws and creation
11) Gen 5:2 says god called them, the man and his wife, the "Adamites," a species:
Gen 5:2 Male and female created he THEM; and blessed THEM, and called THEIR name Adam, (a species), in the day when THEY were created
12) Paleotologists enumerate the same number of 22 now extinct species as listed in the 22 names of the Genesis genealogy from the first man, Adam, thru Noah and his 3 racial Stocks of Shem, Japheth, and Ham.
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02-10-2013 2:40 PM

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